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     Born in Alberta Canada and moving to the US at a young age he was influenced by his older brothers that were artists. He was introduced to street art and graffiti by a friend at 18 and it changed his art career course.


At 19 he landed a job for CBS film studios in Salt Lake City painting film sets because of his knowledge of Art, Graffiti and Street art. After a few years in the film industry it inspired him to go on to Art School. Graduating from the University of Oregon in 2005, he went on to explore the world creating art, mural, and street art pieces around different countries.


After moving to China where he studied Chinese Calligraphy his work evolved to incorporate this influence, evident in his work with lines and simple brush strokes creating imagery, called the “Threads of Process”.


Andy has created art for companies like Red Bull, Tony Hawk Video games, CBS, Fox searchlight, Sundance film festival  The Truth, and Google winning a self driving car graphics design contest in Austin, Texas. where he currently lives. His work ranges from mural to canvas and even dabbles in bronze casting, steel and wood sculpture.