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   Born in Canada, Andy moved to the US at a young age where he was influenced by his older brothers that were artists. Dabbling in Art in High school he was introduced to street art and graffiti by a friend and it changed his art career course.


At nineteen he landed a job with CBS film studios creating street art and later moving up to a Scenic Artist position painting backgrounds, film sets and props.  After a few years working in the film industry he went on to study with a master fine finish artist where his film skills transferred over to luxury finishes in residential properties.  It inspired him to move on to Art School. Graduating from the University of Oregon in 2005 in Fine Art, he went on to explore the world creating art, mural, and street art throughout different countries.


One country that dazzled his imagination was China, he moved there for two years studying Chinese contemporary art and traditional Chinese Calligraphy at the Hangzhou art academy in which he incorporated old world mixed with contemporary techniques which show in his work today.


Andy has created art for world class companies like Red Bull, Tony Hawk Video games, HBO, AMC, Netflix, CBS, Fox searchlight, Sundance film festival,The Truth, and Google, winning a self driving car design contest in Austin, Texas. where he currently lives. His work ranges from Mural to Canvas, Plaster, Fine Fines in marble, concrete, lime washes, bronze casting, steel, wood and foam sculpture.

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